Malik Inspection Services Inc. will ensure your building adheres to municipal standards

Make Sure Your Jamaica, Queens, Suffolk, Kings, Nassau, or Bronx, NY Business Is Thoroughly Inspected

Repair costs can quickly add to your business expenses. Cut back on those costs by having your commercial property inspected by Malik Inspection Services Inc.

Just as there are aspects of your business that your clients aren't aware of, there may be issues with your property that are hidden from you. You’ll find out about any existing and potential problems that need maintenance or repair. These generally take longer than residential inspections due to the size and complexity of the structure, but rest assured that your business will be inspected from top to bottom in a timely manner.

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commercial inspections in Jamaica and queens NY

We’re the commercial inspector for you

Malik Inspection Services Inc. provides comprehensive inspections for business owners in the greater Queens County area.

We’ll take a look at your:
  • HVAC system
  • Pipes
  • Building structure
  • Lights
  • Electricity

And whatever else you need us to look at. We’ll make you aware of your property’s current condition and advise you about any future repairs your building may need down the road.

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